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Site address: LEOWatch.wikidot.com
Application text: LEOWatch is intended to be a place to aggregate reports of police misconduct and abuse. The wiki is not meant to be antagonistic to law enforcement, but to work from a perspective that good policing is crucial to a functional society.

Governmental entities have proved unable to control many of the abuses of the law enforcement agencies on whom they depend. The goal of LEOWatch is to improve recognition of patterns of abuse and misconduct so the origin of such problems can be publicly addressed.

Beginning with a focus on the United States, the wiki would allow input regarding law enforcement in other countries as well. The wiki would be organized by nation, state or province, county, and city, with the corresponding law enforcement agencies broken out at each level.

Areas of police malfeasance that would be concentrated on include:
1. Unnecessary force
2. Abuse of civil forfeiture
3. Over-reliance on revenue generation through low level infractions
4. Fabrication of evidence
5. Criminal activity by law enforcement officers (theft, rape, bribes, etc.)

Credibility of information in the wiki is a primary concern. A strong system for vetting submissions and alterations will be needed to fend off potential false contributions by persons with ulterior motives. Submissions could be ranked based on corroborating material offered to support claims of abuse. Claims against individual officers would need to be tied back to identifiable claimants. The identities of these claimants would be kept in a private database and only released under subpoena or court order. A disclaimer that the information presented was from independent submitters and not generated or verified by LEOWatch would be need to prominently displayed on each page.

This is a large project that is beyond my ability to carry off alone. If successful, the LEOWatch wiki would hopefully provide a tool to support good policing and curb bad behavior by law enforcement.