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Application text: Once upon a time, there was a Stanford engineer who became a corporate communicator. He then took a course in Inner Family Systems therapy (see and became a psychotherapist.

Then he got old and got a muscle disease. So he spent his last decades in an elderly home, running a website and offering consultation services over Skype for free.

He built a community through his website,, as well as YouTube and Facebook. Here, soul-searchers and broken people could find a way to self-improvement and, in the end, a better life. He was the dedicated, pro-bono therapist of a lot of people, myself included. The way he chose to spend his last years is not only an inspirational story, but a call to action.

On October 22, 2015, Peter Gerlach passed away. His community is still active, his website is aged and needs revamping, and his hundreds of website articles are great but can be improved upon and be made more accessible. This is something fit for a community effort and we believe Wikidot can be the place for that.

His domain is paid for until November 2017 and his hosting ends earlier. Maybe we could get people to pay for it and continue as is, but the current setup doesn't have the community features that are now needed. As we launch the site and users migrate and get used to the new website, I believe we can find a way to pay you at a later point in time through fundraisers.

I hope you think this is a community worthy of your hosting space!

Thank you,
Andreas Michael J.G.