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Application text: The purpose of this site is to share relevant information for English speakers living in Bonn, Germany. Newcomers and foreigners often don't know where to take their children to the doctor or where to brown sugar or what kind of flour to use to make muffins, and this site helps them find their way. It was formerly a document put together by the international school, but this document was often out-of-date and only known by those at the schoo. We would like to keep the information more up-to-date and reach the wider expatriate community. We recently started putting our information up at, but have just been informed that they will no longer allow free sites for non-education sites. If we keep our site tied to the school, we will be limited both in the information we can provide and the audience we can reach. Furthermore, as this is a constantly shifting community, to have someone pay for it would mean that one person holds the burden for the community and there is the risk that person will move away and the website will die with them. Our whole community could really benefit from a site to help us share this kind of information, so I hope you can grant our request!
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Cordes Lindow