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Site address: Not yet applicable
Application text: It's a networking site that uses the wiki format to help people around the world connect with people their FRIENDS know. I have already more or less perfected the way the wiki format will be used in this manner, but I definitely have some ideas for it to grow into something even more powerful with additional features. So I'm pitching this as a community site. Note, however, that I will probably be charging a fee to use the site, but membership would be open to the public as long as they respect the rules. If you have any interest in assisting me with this, please let me know! I have already created a wikidot site and am comfortable paying the yearly fee as things grow, but if I could get more people on board to help me, that would certainly be great. I'm nervous, though, that there's no team of 'master admins' so I wanted to make this inquiry to determine if a community site is the best option for me, or, if it's better to stay with a paid plan. Thank you. Also, could I turn a paid plan into a community site down the road? And vice versa?