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Site address:
Application text: Hi, so at the moment we're beginning to put together a wiki for the Robocraft community on google sites but... google sites sucks for this kind of thing and we were recommended wikidot.

We are looking to create a massive wiki containing information on clans, groups, applications (mobile apps etc made by our community), fansites and what not. We also have a education/training program starting up and having a page to store information easily and fast would really be awesome for it.

Currently the main news site i own is
Bringing all the community news together fast and easy to one place. But supporting a wiki on our current host is not even close to possible. But with the current support we have and want for an updated wiki we can make a massive wiki with a pretty good amount of users.

We already have several people with CCS experience etc and work fast, having the support of WikiDot would make it all the more better. In the future if the site becomes a really good looking and widely used resource like we plan it to be, I wouldn't mind donating money to Wikidot as-well. Promoting Wikidot as-well publicly if we got sponsored would be easy and fine to do as well.

Thanks for looking over our application, if you have any questions just send an email!