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Site address: oilpainting.wikidot.com

Status: this is just an idea I need help with

Application text:
Hello Dear Reader --

I am an oil painting artist in training and, from what I have discovered, there does not exist anywhere on the Web a wiki for all of the knowledge and information required to be a successful oil painter.

I wish to create an Oil Painting Wiki that would contain information that is culled from experts in the field, and from other knowledge resources. I would appreciate your consideration for hosting the community site for oil painting artists and oil painting students.

Please let me know what other information you require and I will happily provide anything else that you need.

Thank you very much for your kindest consideration of my inquiry. I look forward to hearing back from you, and I will await your reply.

~Antonio Dominion
Antonio Dominion Studios
(213) 440-4140 – Mobile
(213) 487-7563 – Home / Fax

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