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Application text: Not everybody can write his or her own Autobiography. But a lot of people want to pass on their learning’s from life to others especially their children and grandchildren.
And every person wants to learn from other people life experiences, even those who are not famous and successful, as long as they connect with you.
People also want to learn from their ancestors, the choices they made, they legacy they had or did not have. Children want to understand their parents better. would allow people to create their own biographies, short and crisp in a wiki types format. People can write their learning’s from their first job to their first love. They can share their learning’s with a private set of people or with the larger community. They can share their biographies before or after they die. would allow people to leave their legend and perhaps become the only place in the world where people can network with people living or dead.

I am a writer and enjoy thinking of new concepts. I don’t mind spending money on this, and I think it’s a noble initiative not really designed for profit or making money, but you seem to have a great platform and thought going here. So would love your help in any form.