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Site address: 1am.wikidot.com

Status: this is just an idea I need help with

Application text:
My goal with 1am is to provide a forum for Pan-American news aggregation - coupled with cross-translation and analysis - so that a supranational community can coalesce around values that we all share while helping us understand our differences. In addition, the community could serve as a nationless government and media watchdog in the face of growing media censorship. It could also function as a bulwark against the spread of misinformation (incorrect information shared due to confirmation bias or other factors) and disinformation (untruth deliberately spread to sow confusion, doubt, and mistrust). The community would be tasked with bringing news content to the news aggregator, which could then be offered for direct translation (with the ultimate goal of having any shared articles available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French [other languages possible as well]). Other add-on possibilities include 1) inviting contributions from field experts (from businesses, universities, etc.) and likewise having those available in multiple languages, and 2) a separate wiki of curated encyclopedia style articles about the America's (with all articles cross-translated and composited from their sources, rather than the Wikipedia style where each language's version may be entirely different from another's).

I know these tasks are not easy to handle, especially in combination, but I feel that this is a community that would be a great benefit to the wider world. By taking advantage of the colonial legacy of the Americas (and the relative simplicity of only having a handful of major languages) a wide and diverse audience might be brought together - to better educate themselves and their neighbors.