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Site address: draconianops.wikidot.com
Application text: We are a MMO Guild from Star Wars the Old Republic. We have over 300 members. We are building a community information and role playing site for Star Wars MMO players - to create universal in game role playing rules and to provide information for players who want to learn to run raids. We also run live broadcast shows on icecast 3 times a week and we are working on creating live streams of raids to help other players learn and promote the guild. We think this could be a valuable resource to the MMO Star Wars community. We aren't a business and we don't make any profit from our time or efforts, we do this for the enjoyment of the community and the game. We already fund several sites, including broadcast and voice servers for our guild and the opportunity to make a first class wiki site would be extremely valuable to us and, we feel, to the overall community. We hope you think so too.