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Status: this is just an idea I need help with

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Hello Wikidot,

The Dutch Research Institute for Transition Studies does activism, research and consultancy. In order to disseminate its methods, we are thinking about creating a Massive Open Online Course teaching the methods of transition management. []

The to-be-created Wiki would be one of the core features of the course. It would allow for students assessment to be done in collaboration for use and development by all. These would include concepts and case studies pages, amongst others. In the end, the goal is to build a community of practitioners from around the world revolving around the wiki and its continuous development, based on their knowledge and efforts at the local level.

This means the creation of an educational commons that both gathers empirical data and assists in its dissemination. From what I have seen so far, no attempt at such a level has been attempted.

However, my knowledge about wikis (and programming alike) is merely theoretical. I do not (yet) possess the skills to construct such an endeavour, and that is why I am asking for support from the Wikidot team in order to both structure the website and to allow it to be run as a Community Site for a learning/activist community to be built across the globe. The wiki would be a core part of the course assessment, which is meant to be hosted by Coursera so as to gather that first community of learners.

Whilst for the moment, it stands as only an idea, being capable of setting the project in motion might give us a better idea of all the possibilities. For the moment, I would really appreciate Wikidot`s comment on these ideas and if you find this plan feasible.

Thank you for your time and help,
Francisco Santos