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Application text: The conspiracy theorist mindset does harm to society and needs to be countered with rational facts. I have started with the purpose of promoting a better understanding of history and I am currantly finished my first documentary produced under the nomagicbullets name, Conspiracy Theorists Lie. You can check out a screener copy on Vimeo ( using the password: nutcountry

I know several people who have a great deal of knowledge about the assassination of President Kennedy and other conspiracy stories, and I believe it would be in the public's interest to have a reliable source of information on conspiracies throughout history. This wiki would deal with real conspiracies (e.g. the assassination of President Lincoln) and false ones (e.g. JFK) so that people can easily find the facts and understand the differences between real and imagined conspiracies (read some of my thoughts on this here:

This wiki would have a very wide appeal, with many knowledgeable people to draw upon, and it would be doing a public service. It seems like a natural fit for one of your community sites.