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Status: this is just an idea I need help with

Application text:
A friend of a friend came up with the idea of having a website for his tabletop pen-and-paper game called Myth Creatures, where you design (with whatever medium you wish of course) your own creature, give it stats, and then duke it out in a strategic hex-grid battleground!

The wiki needs to be able to host pages for the individual units, gameplay mechanics, rules, templates, and hex-grid maps. The purpose of the wiki, other than marketing it, is to let the community upload / download assets so they can play with their friends!

How the community helps with constructing the wiki is creating their own Myth Creatures and submitting them to us, with us providing feedback in turn of it being too overpowered or making the unit more suitable for audiences.

The creator of Myth Creatures is soon going to market this, but hasn't had the time as of late to create / manage a website. So with taking the reins, making the website an actual and polished piece of work will I think help progress the marketing of said game with a pre-established fan base.