Embedding code from other sites

Sometimes web sites (mainly social-oriented ones) allow you to paste a code block directly into other pages in order to increase your site functionality or embed some content from the original site.

[[embed]] tag

The [[embed]] block tag allows you to do the same with your wiki pages. E.g. to display del.icio.us tag cloud as generated from http://del.icio.us/help/tagrolls simply wrap the html code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://del.icio.us/feeds/js/tags/michal_frackowiak?icon;size=12-35;color=87ceeb-0000ff;title=my%20del.icio.us%20tags"></script>

For the list of supported services please see the page: Embedding code from other services.

Please note that if the code contains <script type="text/javascript"… i.e. just JavaScript, the content will not be fully rendered when you click preview while editing the page. It should be there however when you view the page afterwards.

[[iframe]] element

Using the iframe element one can embed content of any other web page. The syntax is

[[iframe url-source attributes]]

and it translates into HTML tags <iframe src="url-source" attributes></iframe>. The allowed attributes are: frameborder (0 or 1 allowed), align (left, right, top, bottom, middle), height (number of pixels or %), width (number of pixels or %), scrolling (yes or no), class, style