Inline Formatting
what you type what you get
//italic text// italic text
**bold text** bold text
//**italic and bold**// italic and bold
__underline text__ underline text
--strikethrough text-- strikethrough text
{{teletype (monospaced) text}} teletype (monospaced) text
normal^^superscript^^ normalsuperscript
normal,,subscript,, normalsubscript
[!-- invisible comment --]
[[span style="color:red"]]custom //span// element[[/span]] custom span element
##blue|predefined## or ##44FF88|custom-code## color predefined or custom-code color

Adding underscore to span element [[span_ ]] will truncate whitespaces around it which prevents creation of random new lines and paragraphs. It's simplifices creation of complex HTML syntax like Bootstrap components

You can use user-defined ID arguments in [[span]]...[[/span]] tags, which is extremely useful building sites using Bootstrap. Please note that every user-defined ID will have a "u-" prefix added in the output HTML for the security reasons.

To make your source more readable, you can add the "u-" prefix yourself. For example, these 2 bits of wiki syntax will output the same HTML:

"u-" prefix will be added to mySpan automatically when the page is saved

[[span id="mySpan"]]My span element[[/span]]

"u-" prefix will not be added to since it already exists
[[span id="u-mySpan"]]My span element[[/span]]

HTML output from both examples
<span id="u-mySpan">My span element</span>